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Sales Position

Job Description:
Sales position requiring ability to sell all categories of home furnishings
This job has following responsibilities.

              *Accounting functions

              *Ability to professionally interact with the public · Knowledge to Sell all categories of home furnishings and instruct customers on how to finish
                unfinished products.

              *Set and attain specific monthly goals.

              *Put together fabrics, furniture and accessories that are aesthetically pleasing to the customer

               *Maintains integrity of reports and/or customer orders

                *Reviews daily Sales Order Reports to ensure their accuracy.

                *Assists customers with concerns by resolving minor problems or referring concerns to the Store Manager or the Customer Service department

                 *Throughout the day, maintains a neat presentation of merchandise in the showroom or specific areas of the showroom, as directed by Store Manager

                 *Pushes in all chairs

                 *Returns all fabrics to the appropriate rack or handle. Pull discontinued Fabrics.

                 *Ensures that all lights in hutches are on and report non-working lights to appropriate personnel

                  *Straightens out all upholstered furniture, pillows, lamps, rugs etc.. Keeping Furniture Dust Free.

                  *Ensures that tags and point of purchase materials are displayed properly and reports any tags that are missing or in disrepair to Store Manager

                  *Straightens all wall art

                  *Reports anything in need of repair to Store Manager

                   *Adheres to all company-related policies and procedures

                   *Operates all company equipment in a safe and proper manner

                   *Maintains a neat and safe work space


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